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  • Excellent management aid
  • Allow animal to “catch” itself
  • Keep animals from entering the feed area and robbing feed
  • Hold animals for breeding, dehorning, health checks, vaccinating, sorting, or any other reason
  • Save time and money while reducing stress to animals and people
  • Reduce veterinary costs


  • Triple locking system
  • Long lasting Elyria steel (90,000 tensile)
  • Rugged welded construction
  • Available for dairy animals from 100# - 2500#
  • Custom panels from 2’ – 14’
  • Single handle controls up to 500’
  • Also available for flat barn milking systems, bull barns, and research facilities

A Proven Management Tool

  • Automatically catch animals as they feed
  • Save time catching and sorting
  • Reduce feed loss
  • Train animals for better control
  • Maximize individual animal growth

Available Styles

  • Standard
  • Quick Release/Adjustable
  • Auto-down
  • Flat Barn Milking
  • Bull
  • Gates
  • Bunk Mount
  • Feeder Wagon Mount
  • Mini-self-lock for small calves

Works best when you have

  • Self-lock to match animal size
  • One self-lock per animal in the area
  • Mounting height to match the animal size


Merrill manufactures self-lock panels to fit your installation requirements. Details are available from your local Merrill dealer.


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