Tie Stalls

No. 12A Calf Stall

This stall is made to meet the farmer’s needs for calf housing. The single bend partition is the most common; but, a triple bend style partition is also available. There are no surestops on the stall widths between 2’ and 2’6” wide. Total height of the arch is 38”. Installed (recommend) height above the curb is 30”/32”. All pipes that enter the cement are protected and reinforced by heavy steel rust shields welded around the top and bottom. Stall arches and partitions are manufactured from hot rolled, high carbon rail type structural tubing. Calf tie stalls are custom manufactured in widths from 2’ to 2’6” with increments allowing for a standard neck opening of 9”.

Arch Tie Chains and Neck Straps are priced separately.

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