Comfort Stalls

“Iowa” Comfort Stall

Proven long lasting Elyria steel

  • Loop & Inside tube of post
  • Tensile: Minimum 75,000 Average 90,000
  • Yield: Minimum 50,000 Average 70,000
  • Carbon 35%
  • Manganese 1.35%

Special Heat Treated

  • Designed for stronger welds

Triple thickness post

  • 1-5/8” 10 gauge tubing inside 2: 8 gauge tubing
    • Welded top & bottom for stronger, more torque resistant leg
  • 2-38” 40 gauge tubing welded top & bottom
    • Eliminates flex point at cement line
    • Thickest concrete entry on the market

Three-in-one Curb Mount
-Eliminates rear stall platform obstruction
-Allows for easier cleaning & bedding of cattle

Iowa_frnt                 Iowa_back

No. 20 Comfort Stall

For Dairy People:

  • Basic design with optional features for your exact needs
  • Control feed robbing
  • Waterbowl in front or back of curb
  • More milking space
  • Adjust control rail for animal length droppings go in gutter when cow is standing

For Cows:

  • Animal privacy
  • Easier for animal to stand up
  • More freedom length when laying down
  • Room to lay straight
  • Manger is usable stall space for head
  • Belly bar prevents animal from trying to crawl under divider

Proven long lasting Elyria steel

  • Loop & Inside tube of post
  • Tensile: Minimum 75,000 Average 90,000
  • Yield: Minimum 50,000 Average 70,000
  • Carbon 35%
  • Manganese 1.35%

Heat Treated Tubing

  • Permits welding while retaining steel strength and strong welds

Double wall welded rust shield on posts entering the cement
MERRILL Competition w/ Plastic Rust Shield
Post 1-5/8” OD, 10 gauge wall .138” .138”
Rust Shield 2” OD, 8 gauge wall .170” .000”

Total steel at cement line .308” .138”

  MERRILL Competiton w/ Plastic Rust Shield
Post 1-5/8" OD, 10 gauge wall .138" .138"
Rust Shield .170" .000"
Total Steet at Cement Line .308" .138"

No. 30 Comfort Stall

The No. 30 Comfort Stall is designed to reduce stress on confined Dairy Cows.

Stall Features:

  • Unique Neck Guide to guard against feed stealing.
  • Unique Triple B bend features a front upbend which results in lower partition height (less animal reaching under partition) and also provides longer flat area for location of pipe line uprights.
  • Water Bowl Guard optional (not shown). Constructed of 1-5/8” high carbon hot rolled rail type tubing.
    • Tensile Strength: 75,000 pounds
    • Carbon: .35%
    • Manganese: 1.35%
  • Heavy 8 gauge (.170” wall thickness) Rust Shield welded at the top and bottom.

    No. 15 Comfort Stall

Comfort Stalls are designed for maximum comfort for the animal and providing display facilities.

Comfort Stalls are available in all welded construction. They are made of high carbon steel tubing through out. Panel fronts are equipped with J-Bolts to support water line, vacuum line, and horizontal front bar, which are not included with the stall. Panel and curb posts are of 1-5/8” OD tubing. Filler bars are of 1-1/16” OD tubing. It is finished in gray epoxy. An end section is required to finish off each row of stalls.

No. 15 – Comfort Stall
No. 15A – End Section Panel
No. 15B – Short End for Wall End
No. 15C – Filler Bars for Front Section

No. 70 Comfort Stall

This Comfort Stall has met the needs of numerous farmers. The design allows for the drinking cup to be placed in front or behind the curb line. The tie chain is mounted off the control rail so there are no chains for the cow to get its feet in. Heavy 2” OD rust shields (8-gauge wall) protects the stall for additional years of service.





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