Brisket-Base Freestall

Welcome to Merrill Equipment's New Cow Comfort Line-up!

The following literature depicts the latest equipment designs being supplied for Dairy facilities. Merrill has had great success in supplying freestall equipment to a number of new dairy facilities. It has been very difficult to keep the literature up to date with all the changes which occur from year to year and job to job. In an effort to keep our customers up to date, I have changed from buying literature, to creating and printing literature in our office. I am planning on this change allowing us to keep our literature up to date with the industry. If you find any problems with it, or have any suggestions, please let me know.

The expansion and conversion to modern freestall and heifer replacement facilities which has occurred during the last 8 years has made it very difficult to keep up with the changes in freestall dividers. Merrill's patented brisket base freestall is the latest evolution in freestall installations. There are currently 32 different versions of this design in use. They have been used with many different bedding materials and brisket configurations.

Merrill has remained at the heart of all of these changes and has continued to supply products to conform with the specification of the dairy. This has allowed us to be aware of what works and what does not. We are constantly creating solutions to meet the challenges brought on by changes in bedding materials, manure handling methods, cow flow, cow treatment, parlor designs, building structures, herd health and overall facilities management. If you have a particular application for which you are not satisfied with current equipment, please contact us.

At Merrill, we deliver the best quality materials to the dairy industry. This includes our 1-5/8" Elyria alloy steel tubing. This steel has been the mainstay for dairy stalls since Merrill's incorporation in 1934. Other products have been tried with different levels of success and still the Elyria steel remains the best. We will supply lower quality materials or custom design products on a job-by-job basis. We believe in offering to you, the customer, the products you believe will do your job the best for the period of time you want to use them. You can ask us for our opinion on the type of product we think would be best for your application. You may get more information than necessary; but, that is our way.

We wish you the best with your dairy facilities and look forward to helping you have a profitable future.

Thank You!
Joe Rudolph
Vice President


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