Brisket-Base Freestall

  • Divider has no welded connections to rust or break off.
  • Easy to turn loops for maintenance of mattress or mat.
  • No stub posts flexing back and forth to break off.
  • Put you stalls on centers you prefer. This stall allows wood frames to stay on 12’ c-c which has led to lowest cost per square foot for building.
  • Minimum amount of material allowing warm, moist air to rise from animals in head-to-head stalls.
  • Minimum obstruction in brisket area allowing for easy cleaning of bedding, feed, and debris off of brisket. Keeps bacteria and rodents to a minimum.
  • Fast and simple installation means less labor and lower installed cost.
  • Reduce your construction time and get your cows in the barn faster.
  • Even you cows will tell you how comfortable our stalls are!


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