The Merrill Lever Stall is designed for those who desire an automatic cow stall. A number of stalls can be connected in a row and operated bye one handle with ease.

Merrill Lever Stalls have established a reputation for durability and simple operation during the more than 60 years they have been in use. The important design features, which helped earn this reputation include:

  • 180-degree rotation of the Stanchion so the cow can lick her back on either side without straining or binding the Stanchion Hanger Assembly.
  • The Stanchion Hanger Assembly is all steel (not cast) for easy repair if a problem develops.
  • The Stanchion swivels on a standard readily available 5/8” x 2-3/4” grade 5, hex head bolt with washer and nut.
  • The rigid top rail design, using heavy double steel channel, allows Lever Control Rod to move freely, even when the cows are pushing and pulling against the Stanchion.
  • The Lever Handle rotates horizontally at the operator’s desired height. This is far easier to operate than a vertical lever.
  • The U-Bar Anchor with the 8-Link Chain with O-Ring allows full forward movement, helping the cow get up, yet restricts side movement, so the locking assembly operates easier.
  • Railroad steel tubing resisted rust-off in service 20 years or more without Rust Shields, and longer with Rust Shields. In recent years, Merrill used cold rolled tubing 1010 steel during shortages and to match completion. This type of tubing has rusted off at the concrete in 5 to 12 years. Merrill has returned to railroad type tubing with steel rust shields on every tube that extends to the concrete. Stainless Steel Rust Shields are optional – market price of Stainless applies.

All Merrill Stall Posts, Triple Bends, and Double Bends are manufactured from hot rolled structural tubing meeting the following specifications:

Tensile – 75,000 lbs.
Carbon –.35
Manganese – 1.35

1-5/8” O.D. x 10-Gauge (.138”) Wall Thickness
1-5/8” O.D. is used to the variety of Clamps and Water bowls which are readily available.

Iron Phosphated, Primed and Painted with 2-part Epoxy Finish



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