Free Stalls

Why Merrill?

  • Longer lasting stall
  • Stall loops act like springs due to high steel yield
  • Wide variety of styles & designs
  • Will custom manufacture to your drawing
  • Adjustable control rail for varying animal groups (facilitates a clean platform)

For Cows

  • Additional stall comfort
  • Animal privacy and safety
  • Clean environment
  • Easier for animal to stand up
  • More freedom length when laying down
  • Room to lay straight

Proven long lasting Elyria steel

  • Loop & Inside tube of post
  • Tensile: Minimum 75,000 Average 90,000
  • Yield: Minimum 50,000 Average 70,000
  • Carbon 35%
  • Manganese 1.35%

Heat Treated Tubing

  • Permits welding while retaining steel strength and allowing for stronger welds.

Double wall welded rust shield on posts entering the cement
MERRILL Competition w/ Plastic Rust Shield
Post 1-5/8” OD, 10 gauge wall .138” .138”
Rust Shield 2” OD, 8 gauge wall .170” .000”

Total steel at cement line .308” .138”

  MERRILL Competitionw/ Plastic Rust Shield
Post 1-5/8" OD, 10 gauge wall .138" .138"
Rust Shield .170" .000"
Total Steel at Cement Line .308" .138"

Single Row, Stand Alone Stalls

  • #19A 2-Bar, 2-Leg Free Stall
    • The #19A 2-bar, 2-leg stall is an economical 2-leg stall. It is available in lengths from 3' to 7'. Choose from a 1-5/8" or a 1-1/16" filler bar.
  • #19A 3-Bar, 2-Leg Free Stall
    • The #19A 3-bar, 2-leg stall offers an additional horizontal filler bar for cow privacy and safety. Choose from all 1-5/8", one 1-1/16" or two 1-1/16" filler bars. Sizes 3' to 7'.
  • #19YS Free Stall for Young Stock
    • Used when it is not practical to mount stalls on the barn wall. This stall still offers a platform free installation and easy cleaning. 4' stall w/ front leg has a filler bar and the 4'6" stall has a front leg only. Other sizes are available, call for prices.
  • Legged Michigan State Free Stall
    • This front leg Michigan stall is offered by Merrill Equipment. Used where dairymen want a Michigan loop, but do not have building wall suited for mounting.
    • Front post constructed of triple thickness
      • Layer 1: 1-5/8" 10 ga. Elyria tubing
      • Layer 2: 1.9" 8 ga. tubing
      • Layer 3: 2-3/8" 10 ga. rust shield

    Wall Mount Free Stalls

  • #19 2-Bar, 1-leg Free Stall
    • The #19 2-bar is an economical 1-legged free stall. It is available in lengths from 3' to 7'. Choose from all 1-5/8" or a 1-1/16" filler bar.
  • #19 3-Bar, 1-leg Free Stall
    • The #19 3-bar, 1-leg stall is available in lengths from 3' to 7'. Choose from all 1-5/8", one 1-1/16" filler bar, or two 1-1/16" filler bars.
  • Michigan State Free Stall
    • Developed in Europe, the partition design allows for improved movement of the head under the stall. Makes it easier for cows to lie and rise. High stall rear to reduce potential hip and leg injuries.
  • #19M Free Stall
    • Popular alternative to the Michigan State stall. Front head room for easy rising. High stall rear to reduce potential for hip and leg injuries. Low front prevents cows from getting caught crosswise under the stall. Standard 1/4" x 2" mounting plate.
  • #19B Suspended Free Stall
    • The #19B 1-5/9" Elyria hanging loop stall is stronger than the typical cold formed 2" or 2-3/8" loop free stall. The basic loop free stall is available for calves and cows. The calf loop includes 1-1/16" filler bar to keep the calf from placing it's head between the bars. Calf sizes include 3', 3'6", and 4'. Cow loop is available from 4' to 6'.
  • #19BH 2-3/8" Elyria Loop
    • The #19BH loop stall is the strongest product available in the industry today. It combines the high carbon (.35%), high tensile (90,000# avg.), and high yield (70,000#) properties of Elyria steel with a big 2-3/8" o.d. The standard front mounting plate is 1/4" x 4" flat steel with four drilled holes for bolting. Optional style mounting plates are available.
  • #40 Freedom Stall
    • Hinged to the wall so stalls can easily swing away to attend to sick or downed animals. Sizes available: 5', 5'6", or 6'.
  • #40A Freedom Stall w/ a Leg
    • Can be installed straight or diagonally. Diagonal installation will give a 7' surface for the cow out of a 6' long platform.

    Double Row, Stand Alone Stalls
    Made for head-to-head stall row installation. The extended stall length platform allows the animal to lunge forward into the facing stall. Keeps stalls off the outside walls and curtain sides. Quicker installation since it is actually two stalls in one.

  • #19DA 3-leg Free Stall
    • The #19D offers a stronger installation than most loop stall installations. The open design leaves the stall open for free air movement and a brighter barn. Choose from all 1-5/8", one 1-1/16", or two 1-1/16" filler bars. The stall is also available in the 2-bar style. The 3-bar stall adds privacy and protection.
  • #19D Double Loop 1-Leg Free Stall
    • The #19D stall consists of two hot-rolled, high carbon loop free stalls, pre-welded to a heavy 10 ga. 3" post with a galvanized rust shield and a special anchor to prevent twisting in cement. Use the #19D as an alternative to mounting free stalls on both sides of a wood post. This style eliminates the most common loop stall problem, stalls being torn off the wall due to inadequate mounting. The #19D works for new installations or remodeling existing free stall barns. The #19D is also available using #19M loops.

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